Sunday, July 19, 2015

How to reset Ruckus M2211 Metro Broadband Gateway from Tikona

How to reset Ruckus M2211 Metro Broadband Gateway from Tikona

When to use these steps:

  • when you connect your Ruckus with lan cable, it is not automatically taking the IP address from DHCP.
  • you are not able to login to admin console of ruckus with default id/pass i.e. admin/password

How to Reset:

  1. Change the lan settings from your computer to obtain IP address automatically (To know more click here )
  2. Now connect the lan cable to Ruckus at one end and PC LAN port at other end
  3. Now remove the Power for ruckus and press the black reset button the backside of the ruckus

  4. Keep the reset button pressed and turn the power on for ruckus.
  5. You need to keep the reset button pressed for 1-2 minutes. During this process at first, two lights from the right will glow and then will keep glowing. Then the ruckus will restart again. The lan cable will disconnect and connect 2-3 times during this process. After almost 90 seconds the PC will show the lan as connected and it will take the IP address automatically from DHCP.
  6. Now use the default gateway address from the ipconfig cmd in cmd prompt to open the admin console of the ruckus. usually and id: admin , pass: password
  7. Thats it, you are in.


Aryan said...

it really helped me a lot. thanks for information.

akil9399 said...

i am not able to login with
user: admin
password :password

please help

Divyang Padariya said...

user : TikonaSUCPE
pass : 1WaItWa^ItW1

try this

haresh said...

this is user name and password not work

DP said...

Reset Using Reset button then insert a lan cable in your tikona ruckus router the other end of lan cable insert into any lan port of other router and get ip address of your ruckus router now in browser insert ip address and you will found login page of ruckus.

It will only work on Ruckus M2211 Metro Broadband Gateway from Tikona